Anne Babson

Poet - Librettist - Blogger - Educator 

If the Apocalypse arrived, what would one serve?  Polite Occasions writes back to both the Book of Revelation and Emily Post, showing us desperate ladies in difficult times.  It never mentions which fascist regime in America it is combating, but members of the Resistance will recognize their concerns here. Buy this book before they ban it.

Published less than a year after 9/11, this chapbook's poetry was featured on a national radio program on the first anniversary of September 11th.  It charts similarities between women's lives in both Muslim and Western cultures and imagines reasons to hope in the face of terrorism.

‚ÄčIn an era where Edward Snowden reveals our privacy is invaded by government and where we peer through curtains at neighbors and stalk exes on Facebook, this chapbook examines our new world without privacy and its disturbing implications to our psyches and our communities. 

Winner of the Colby H. Kullman Award of the Southern Writers Southern Writing Conference, This Collection Writes Back to the Ancient Greek Myths in the Deep South.  A Witty, often hilarious, fusion of Classical Literature, Southern Literature, and twenty-first century twang, this book mixes vernacular with verve.

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